On 30 May, the Château d'Ainay le Vieil celebrated the family and Leonardo da Vinci.

Clémence de Villecourt Sabot and the feather at Ainay le VieilClémence de Villecourt had arrived the day before to spend the night in her two-horse-drawn caravan, and was stopping off at Ainay.

Its association, "Le Sabot et la Plume", is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance and the anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death, by setting off on the path that the latter travelled from Vinci to Amboise, at Le Clos Lucé, his last stop. During this journey, the "Sabot et la plume" aims to raise public awareness of the challenges of the 21st century and to promote the heritage of the regions it passes through. After resting and visiting the castle, Clémence presented her travelling exhibition to the visitors present and answered their questions. Accompanied by her dog, her driver and their superb horses, she left at the end of the morning for Bruère-Allichamps and the Abbey of Noirlac.

We are expecting it next year for the return trip. A nice project that we will tell you about in due course.

In the meantime, you can follow the progress of his journey on :




The Château d'Ainay le Vieil has been inhabited by the same family since 1467. The attachment of the owners to Ainay comes from the memories they have created there.

By creating this event, called "Ainay fête la famille", they wanted to allow people to create new memories, by sharing moments with family and friends.

For this purpose, we asked a number of speakers to lead workshops in which young and old could participate together: circus, old toys, sound animation, musical awakening, so many themes that our public could discover and experiment with as a family.

Our visitors also had the opportunity to have their photo taken to capture the moment.

Discovery, laughter and fun made this first edition a success that we hope to repeat next year. To all of you, goodbye...