One could speak of the Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil as an old man, still in shape but a little tired, who is giving himself a second youth.

Indeed, with the help of the Ministry of Culture, restoration work on Ainay has already begun. After arranging the surroundings to allow machines to approach the fortress, the scaffolding is now in place. This is a very impressive piece of work that will allow the complete restoration of the west wing of the Renaissance main building and the corresponding facades overlooking the moat.
The restoration includes the roofs, the woodwork and the plasterwork.
Although the towers have already been uncovered, this first part of the work is due to last until October. The second phase will be dedicated to the east wing of the main building. Then, year after year, the scaffolding will move around the fortress in order to be able to restore the whole of the castle and its ramparts.

This is a long-term project which is estimated to last six years.