Visit to the castle for schoolchildren
Visit to the castle for schoolchildren
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For schools

2024 program and rates

New workshops on offer! Find out more at the bottom of the page about the History of Cinema Workshop and the Heraldry Workshop!

Here are the workshops available for a Discovery Day at the Château for schools and colleges.

You can find all the information you need by downloading the leaflet (in pdf format) on the castle's activities for schoolchildren.

To register for the Discovery Workshops, simply return the form corresponding to your choice to the following address:

Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil discovery tour

Price: €7 per pupil (guided tour, free access to park and gardens)
For classes wishing to take part in the proposed activities without visiting the château, please contact us.

Discovery day, a visit and a choice of workshops

This tour has two points of interest:

The château and its gardens

A 13th-century fortified castle with a medieval and a 15th-century Renaissance dwelling. The main feature of this site is theomnipresence of water, both for defensive purposes when it surrounds the château and for pleasure when it flows around the gardens.

The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions

Discover daily life in the village of Ainay-le-Vieil in 1914, the rural world, its customs, its life and the wealth of trades that existed at the time.

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Circus workshop

Fixed price: €170 per 1/2 day
Maximum 30 students

Website :
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Discovery of a multi-faceted discipline adapted to all levels: nursery, primary and secondary school.


It is to allow the child to perfect his skill, his touch, the control of his gestures. (balls, scarves, diabolos, devil's club, plates, clubs...).

Gym & balance

They will complement motor learning with a focus on self-control (2 wheels, 4 wheels, unicycle, ball, wire, American roller...).

Clown mimes

They will develop an aspect of communication through expression techniques.
Clown tricks, facial expression and gestures.

Baby circus: introduction to the circus for young children

Animation proposed by a qualified youth and sport instructor (B.E.A.T.E.P and B.E.E.S.A.P.T)

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Animation Middle Ages

a child dressed as a knight during a medieval animation at the castle of Ainay-le-Vieil

Fixed price: €200 per 1/2 day
Cycle 1 and 2 students: PS>CE2
Maximum 30 students

Website :
E-mail :
E-mail :

Become a rider on our mechanical horses and take part in the castle tournament.

  • Dressed in costume, you'll relive the high points of the age of knights,
  • you can build your own castle and create your own coat of arms,
  • Discover the handling of weapons through different games (sword, crossbow, spear).

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Games and history workshop

170 per 1/2 day

Maximum 30 students (primary>college)

Website :
E-mail :
E-mail :


This animation allows you to discover a wide range of traditional games, enriched with their history and context.

"Play and you will become serious" Aristotle

Discover the history of games from antiquity to the present day.
Through a variety of games, iconography, quotations and anecdotes, we'll trace the origins of games and their evolution. There will be a special focus on the Middle Ages.

Playing: about twenty games from different periods are proposed.
Through various techniques, the children will be asked for their skills (physical, strategic, relational).

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Heraldry workshop

a man presents the children with different coats of arms

Fixed price: €190 per 1/2 day
Maximum 25-30 students (primary>college)

Website :
E-mail :

The Lhyns Dhë Lhunn company presents: discovering the science and art of heraldry & creating your own coat of arms

The history of the coat of arms from the Middle Ages to the present day

What is a coat of arms? What is it used for? Who can have a coat of arms?

Explanation of the rules

But also science, language, symbolism & heraldic art with a visual: a small painted wooden coat of arms + photos + drawings (an essential step in creating a coat of arms).

Setting up and creating a personalized coat of arms

The children imagine and make their own coat of arms, taking into account the information they have received (paper & paint technique).

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Workshop on the words of the vegetable garden in music

Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil, children's workshop, a group of primary school pupils play the lyre

145 per 1/2 day

Maximum 25-30 students (kindergarten>primary)

Facebook page: Lalyrepourlire
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Musical awakening

Vegetable garden words (kindergarten - 1st - 2nd - 3rd grade)

Based on a story, children will discover and play with the lyre, a 4-stringed instrument. They'll create their own score and form a little show orchestra.

Kindergarten - 1st grade :

  • Create a partition,
  • "Pom-pom-poù-radis-radis".

CE1 - CE2

  • Create a partition,
  • "Ladybug or butterfly".

Brigitte will demonstrate how a radish becomes a trumpet and an apple a percussion instrument.

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Film history workshop

Shelves featuring magic lanterns, zoetropes, prazxinoscopes, folioscopes and other tools that tell the story of cinema.

Package: €200 per 1/2 day
Maximum 30 students (primary>secondary)

Website :
E-mail :
E-mail :

A 2-stage workshop

Discover the history of cinema

Through the manipulation of optical games: magic lantern, zoetrope, praxinoscope, phenakistiscope, folioscope and more. This phase will enable you tograsp the illusion and decomposition of movement to understand how a drawing can come to life and be immortalized on film.

"Build your own Thaumatrope

Each student creates his or her own optical toy.

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Nature activities in the park and gardens

Fixed price: €160 per 1/2 day
Maximum 25-30 students (kindergarten>primary>college)

Website :
E-mail :

The Lhyns Dhë Lhunn Company

Activities in the park and gardens, focusing on the hidden life of the château

Through games, observation, stories and anecdotes, children will discover the flora and fauna of the region, and learn about the links between man and nature.

Bring clothing suited to the environment and the weather (closed shoes, boots, raincoat), as well as water bottles.

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NEW: Favorise ton environnement workshop

Miniature gardens in snail shells, created by children during workshops at Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil.

Fixed price: €140 per 1/2 day
Maximum 30 pupils (kindergarten>primary)

Website :
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Using plants and helping the environment in a playful way

We'll take a stroll through the château's garden to discover themedicinal and dietary uses of cultivated and wildplants. We'll talk about our place and that of plants in our environment. (approx. 45 mins.)

We'll then garden in real snail shells, in which we'll plant succulents. Sedums and orpins are easy-to-grow, hardy plants (one mini Japanese garden per child).

We can also make clay spinning tops and pirate dice, in which the children hide flower seeds and throw them like "seed bombs " to embellish their environment. (approx. 45 min.)

This workshop offers a gentle progression of learning and action to protect the environment through experimentation that each child can take home with them.

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