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Ainay-le-Vieil, a fortified castle on the plain in the Cher (18) with its towers, moats, guardhouse and sentry walk straight from the Middle Ages. A historical treasure dating from the 13th century which houses a graceful residence, a combination of flamboyant Gothic and Renaissance style, built at the end of the 15th century by the Lord of Bigny.

The descendants of the Lord of Bigny have lived there since 1467 and still keep many souvenirs of illustrious people, from Colbert to Marie-Antoinette, via Napoleon, in the superb and majestic salons.

A private historical monument, open to the public since the 1950s, which could be compared to an old man, still in shape but a little tired, who is giving himself a second youth.

Indeed, restoration work on the castle has already begun. A complete restoration including all the roofs, woodwork and plasterwork.


7, Rue du Château
18200 Ainay-le-Vieil

Tel: 09 71 46 01 83


Number 2020-280 R

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