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CHÂTELET ENTRANCE Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil, Cher, France

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The castle guardhouse

Among the images of the Middle Ages, one in particular stands out: the image of the fortified castle. There were castles of all shapes and sizes, but they all shared a common goal.ut all were united by a common goal: to protect the most vulnerable part of the castle at all costs: the gate.

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The Renaissance castle

1453. The Hundred Years' War was coming to an end and peace returned to the kingdom of France. In the field ofcivil architecture, this is reflected inan extraordinary vitality: the last fortified castles soon give way to more pleasant seigneurial residences...

Aerial view of the castle of Ainay le Vieil
Aerial view of the castle of Ainay le Vieil

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When one thinks of the Middle Ages, if one tries to define the most characteristic element, the image of the castle comes to mind.

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The water garden

What would Ainay-le-Vieil be without water?
Indeed, it is found both as a defensive element around the fortified castle with its moats, and as an amenity that will structure and shape the landscape in a very organized way in the gardens.
Let's discover together the history of the evolution of the role of water...

Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil, moat, century-old tree on a sunny day