Castle of Ainay-le-Vieil

The arts and crafts shop

The "Chemins d'Ateliers" association of artisans and creators has set up summer quarters in the courtyard of the Château d'Ainay le Vieil's harbour master's office, and invites you to extend your visit in its small boutique.

Eight artisans take it in turns to welcome you to discover their creations: ceramics, leather goods, jewelry, home decor, textiles and stained glass.
It's the perfect opportunity to round off your visit by taking home a beautiful item "made in Berry"!

Open from April 29 to October 1, 2023, on weekends and public holidays, and on Fridays in July and August, from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm.
with :
Francine NABOUDET - Made in la Francine
Élise POIVET - La maladresse poterie(s)
Franck MARTINAT - Terres de Lumas
Sabine HARAMBOURE - HBDesign
Fany G
Isabelle JEANJEAN - Colombelle et Cie
Melissa BLAIN - L'aTelier du LouphoQue AgayOn