Guillaume Blanchard

Guillaume returns for this 26th edition of the "72 HOURS" with a tale of his own creation: "Le Tout Petit Monde d'Izzy la Petite Colibri", to the delight of all.

Guillaume was born in St Barthélémy. He left St Barthélémy to study in the United States, then moved to Paris in 2002. Guillaume Blanchard then followed several theatrical training courses (Bob McAndrew, Patricia Sterlin,...). His work finds a field of expression in short films, TV films and plays. Guillaume works in France and in England.

Guillaume Blanchard has performed in works such as: "Ne m'envoie pas de Fleurs" by Norman Barasch and Carroll Moore; "Incendies et Littoral" by Wajdi Mouawad, "Les Parents Terribles" by Cocteau; "The Zoo Story" by Edward Albee.


Children's Concert 20 August 2017 ~ 16:00