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Meeting with participants in the Regards partagés exhibition

Château 7, rue du Château, Ainay le Vieil, France

Saturday September 18, 3pm at the Musée d'Art et Traditions Populaires: photographer Laurent Baude will talk about the "Regards partagés" exhibition, for which he guided various Pep 18 participants. Free admission September opening hours

Heritage Days on the theme "Sustainable Heritage", picnic

Château 7, rue du Château, Ainay le Vieil, France

Heritage Days on the theme of "Sustainable Heritage" For its 39th edition, the theme of the European Heritage Days is Sustainable Heritage. These days will be an opportunity to visit heritage sites that are often exceptionally open for the occasion! Starting on Friday September 16, schoolchildren will be able to take part in the "Raise your eyes to the [...] operation.

8€ à 12€

Colloquium "De l'état comme l'un des Beaux-Arts - Les Colbert au service de la France".

Château 7, rue du Château, Ainay le Vieil, France

Ainay-le-Vieil tells the story of the history of France, as its history shows that from time immemorial, the château or the family have been close to power and have participated in events that have shaped French history. Whether it's battles like Bouvines, the 100 Years' War, the century of Louis XIV, the drama of the French Revolution, the Napoleonic epic or, more recently, the wars of the 20th century, Ainay tells the story of France within its walls and in its family memories: Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Queen Marie-Antoinette, Emperor Napoleon I and General Auguste de Colbert.


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