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A château fortified with towers, moats, guard house and parapet… all straight from the Middle Ages, houses a gracious residence,that melds Renaissance and flamboyant Gothic styles, built in the late 15th century by the Lord of Bigny.

The family has lived here since 1467. We see reminders of Colbert, Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon, and beautiful, majestic salons.

In the landscaped park with its century-old trees surrounding the medieval château, the Renaissance water gardens take us on a veritable walk through the art of gardening: the rose garden of old roses opposite the two Pavilions, the Carré en l'île with its palisade-trimmed hornbeams and the Chartreuses with a themed garden in each enclosure:
mixed-border, sculpted orchard, meditation garden, simple cloister and embroidery beds.

This unique location is known for theomnipresence of water. Used for defense, as when surrounding the Château, it is for enjoyment when it flows around the gardens to form the Grand Carré de l'île, due to a sensiblecanal system. It is useful when, through a series of weirs and spillways, it powers the mill and the wash-house.


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