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Harmonica - 72 Hours of August 2015

Image: Grégoire Maret.

More information on Grégoire Maret and his Jazz Trio at the Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil.

The harmonica

Whether diatonic or chromatic, the harmonica stands out for its apparent simplicity. Based on the principle of the free hip and inspired by an ancient Chinese instrument, the sheng, the modern harmonica was invented in Germany around 1820. The diatonic harmonica has a single blade with 10 holes. It can produce the notes of the major diatonic scale over a range of 3 octaves. However, it remains limited in the tonalities, which is why it is declined in the twelve major tonalities. The chromatic harmonica is more recent and has twelve holes, i.e. twenty-four divisions, and can play the entire chromatic scale. This is why it is often preferred in classical music and jazz.

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Grégoire Maret - Children's Suite: Children's Song


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