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Ainay celebrates the family + picnic

May 30, 2021

Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil, poster for the 2021 family festival

If Ainay is still inhabited by the same family since 1467, it is because this place is magical but also because each generation, each person who has lived there has invested in this place. The love and awareness of heritage is the common thread running through the past, present and future generations.

In order to keep this place alive, my grandparents had the great intelligence to open Ainay to the public. Less privacy for the inhabitants of the castle but a guarantee to keep it alive for years to come.

If it has been maintained and remains so beautiful, it is because the members of the family who have been successively responsible for it have loved it and have created memories and moments shared with family and friends. Ainay is a family place where we are not the only ones to create memories, since each visitor who passes through the gate becomes part of the memory of the place by creating his own memories. The Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil is a family place and this is the spirit that we strive to maintain over time. This is how Ainay will pass through the ages.

We wish to continue to celebrate the family at the Château d'Ainay-le-Vieil and propose on the last Sunday of May, a special programme to be explored together; parents, children and grandparents are invited to take part in a treasure hunt, to discover the world of the circus, ancient games, to listen to the tale "White snow and red rose" by the Cie Pace... and to live happy moments together.

Our partners (these partners with whom we work are from the local fabric) :

- – Pace Company 28 rue Gambon, Halle Saint Bonnet, rue Parmentier, 18000 Bourges

- – Animations Toutazimut6, rue de la Bardonnerie, 18340 Levet

- – Horse and donkey centreSPL les 1000 lieux du Berry, Centre d'affaires Lahitolle, 6, rue Maurice Roy - CS 20017, 18021 Bourges Cedex

- – Kid-Evènementiel4, rue des Halles, 18410 Brimon-sur-Sauldre

By living together happy moments, the different generations create memories and weave links. History with a capital H is added to each other's stories to become a long story that is passed on through the generations.

So come and join the "ballad" which will take you from a Renaissance pavilion to listen to a story related to the site, to the castle's high courtyard to discover the world of the circus or, in a more adventurous way, to go round the castle on a donkey.

Practical information: Ainay-fête-la-famille-plan-jardins-2021

For even more fun, don't forget your picnic or reserve one to enjoy on the spot!




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May 30, 2021
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7, rue du Château
Ainay le Vieil, 18200 France
+33 2 48 63 02 88


Castle of Ainay-le-Vieil
+33 2 48 63 02 88
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