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history of a castle

The castle

Built around 1300, the fortress is surrounded by a moat of living water. Jacques Coeur bought Ainay-le-Vieil in 1435, then Charles de Chevenon de Bigny (direct ancestor of the present owners) acquired it on 14 December 1467. Charles de Chvenon de Bigny installed the late Gothic main building with Italian influences inside the castle walls.


The house

In the main salon, a monumental fireplace, one of the most beautiful in the Loire Valley, recalls the visit of King Louis XII and Queen Anne of Brittany. For the chapel and its exceptional wall paintings, Charles de Bigny called on the workshops working on Bourges cathedral.

Memories of Marie-Antoinette, the great Colbert, minister of Louis XIV, and three Colbert brothers, all generals of Napoleon, are also presented.


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